Small Group PERSONAL Training

Clients of all fitness levels work together in a variety of motivating, fun, and highly effective Training Sessions, in Small Groups of 2-12 Clients Per Session.  Get Ready to Lose Fat and Get Stronger!  WIth our small, focused sessions, our programs are also great if you are recovering from an injury, or just have a history of injury/movement issues that have hampered your progress.


Our Small Group Personal Training Sessions consist of (2) Different Types of Workouts in order to give our clients the most balanced, effective, and varied program possible.  


Strength and Conditioning

Get Stronger, Get Leaner, Move Better, and Feel Better with our Signature Strength and Conditioning Sessions. You will focus on Fundamental Lifts and Movements that are necessary for that “Lean and Defined Look” that most are after.


Metabolic Circuit Training

Get Ready to Turn Up the Volume with our Metabolic Circuit Training Sessions. All of the components needed to Lose Fat and Get Lean are included. Experience a Dynamic, Total Body Workout, with Plenty of Variety.


Foundations Program

Our (3) Session Foundations Program is designed for clients who want a bit of extra help with many of the basic movement patterns and exercises that make up a typical Small Group Personal Training Session.  These (3) Sessions are all One on One Sessions with one of our Highly Qualified Fitness Coaches.  Want More Info?  Please contact us directly at