Train Smarter?  

What Does that Mean?

Our Training Facility, operated by 15 year plus fitness and movement expert Adam Kalt, specializes in Functional Fitness and continues to stay on the Cutting Edge of the Industry.

Our Goal is to provide you with not only a highly effective Training Program, but also a balanced one.  What does that mean?

Many gyms and trainers will just focus on the "Go!  Go!  Go!" mentality in a Training Program, basically trying to create the most challenging workouts around.  While we can appreciate the enthusiasm of Trainers trying to give challenging sessions, we believe that a challenging session is only ONE piece of the puzzle to a Successful Training Program.

Yes, our programs will be challenging (and we are about to get a little technical here), but they will also focused on Mobility and Stability, they will emphasize Proper Form and Mechanics, Unilateral Strength in addition to Bilateral Strength, and they will ensure that our clients are getting equal amounts of work throughout their entire body, versus placing too much emphasis on specific movements or exercises through the week, which can potentially set clients up for injuries down the road, or at the very least set up muscular imbalances throughout the body.

With over 15 years of experience, and working with clients of various fitness levels, as well as clients with a variety of past injuries or current nagging issues they have, we feel this is absolutely the best strategy to utilize when working with clients who want to achive their Fitness Goals.


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