First off, if you are reading this page, there is a very good chance that you are currently pregnant, or have recently given birth.  So, if either applies to you, let me give you a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!  Having a child is such a wonderful thing, and an incredible gift!

I am honored that you are considering working with me, in order to either to help you to stay healthy and fit during your pregnancy, or to help you achieve some great fitness goals after giving birth.

As a Pre-Post Natal Client, it is recommended that you have a specific training program, with specific guidelines.

There are two huge misconceptions in the world of Fitness and Pregnancy.

Myth #1: While pregnant, you have to be careful not to do anything too strenuous.  Yoga and Walking are the two best things to do.  

Fact: Unless you are under specific recommendations from your doctor to avoid any physical activity while pregnant, it is not only OK to be doing more than Walking and Yoga, but it is highly recommended!  True, we don't need to be training like Professional Athletes, and going ALL OUT in Training Sessions, but we do want to be lifting weights, and staying strong, or possibly even getting stronger!  Programming very much depends on what Trimester you are in, and I would be happy to discuss all of this either over the phone or in person.  

Myth #2: After giving birth, once you are cleared by your doctor, you can resume normal training activity.

Fact: Giving birth is serious business and your body has been through A LOT, both during the Pregnancy and during Child Birth.  Even more so if you have had a C-Section.  Yes, the doctor will give you a specific time frame to rest before resuming any exercise programs, but just assuming that it is OK to go back and do pretty much anything is simply not a great idea.  We want to be especially respectful to our Core and Pelvic Floor Muscles, and work our way back to Shape in a Focused and Systematic Fashion.  Just as noted above, Programming again, very much depends on how far removed you are from giving birth, as well as how the Child Birth went.

None of this is meant to scare you.  Trust me, it doesn't have to be scary at all.  But, there should be systems in place during your training programs, and we should, again, be respectful to your body and the process of Pregnancy/Child Birth.

For Pre/Post Natal Clients, I recommend signing up for either Semi-Private Training or Personal Training, as those are the two programs in which I am able to work with you in a Safe and Effective Fashion.

Contact me at, so we can discuss Pre/Post Natal Training, and can go into more detail regarding Strategies and Ways to be Successful!