Alexis Cedillo.jpg

Alexis Cedillo

Fitness Coach

Alexis brings with her an extensive fitness background of over 10 years working with a variety of clients, which gives her a multi-dimensional insight into fitness, body mechanics, and understanding her clients' potential.  Alexis understands that we are all a little bit different - some of us move better than others - some of us have a more expansive training background than others - and in understanding that, Alexis knows how to empower you in your weaker moments, and how to push you when it's time to take things to the next level.


Jonathan martinez

Fitness Coach

Jon is incredibly passionate about helping his clients to unlock their fitness potential.  Jon brings a ton of experience with Circuit Training and Metabolic Conditioning to the table, to help clients get in phenomenal shape.  In addition to all of that, Jon is incredibly proficient with Barbell Work and Lifting Techniques, which enables him to help his clients dial in specifically to the many nuances of Strength Training, that may otherwise go unnoticed.  Jon will help you to get stronger, to gain lean muscle, and to realize just how much you are capable of!


Whitney Slavin

Fitness Coach

Whitney (Fitney)'s passion for fitness is unparalleled. With nearly 7 years in the fitness industry, Fitney inspires clients to obtain and sustain a healthy, fit, and balanced lifestyle.

Whitney (Fitney) has worked in the top rated studios in Orange County and San Diego before making her way to the South Bay.

With a wide variety of training experience, Fitney enables clients to love their fitness routines and to love their results! 


Owner/Fitness Coach

With nearly 15 years in the Fitness Industry, Adam has worked with clients of various fitness and ability levels to help them to achieve their goals.  Adam has been operating Kalt Fitness for 10 Years, and in that time has worked with countless individuals in the South Bay who have joined Kalt Fitness to achieve things they never thought possible.  Adam believes in a "Movement First" Philosophy, meaning that we want to create Strong Fundamental Movement Patterns for each client, in order to help them progress in an efficient and effective manner.  This enables clients to have both more success in the short term, but more importantly than that, greater success in the long term.